We’re all babies.

I was reading ROK lately, and they like a lot of Dark Enlightenment blogs were covering these Catholic men who stood in front of their church to protect it from vandalism from what can only be described as a disgusting blob of misled estrogen-producers. I got into your standard ego-driven argument in the comment section with someone who said this:

I’m sick of feminists so I’ll say this...that first video is an amazing display of masculinity in the face of oppression and I salute those men.

The emphasis is mine. I had to respond.

Huh? Masculinity does not cower and allow itself to be trodden on. To be an “amazing display of masculinity”, those women would have needed to be slapped for every act of violence they initiated.

Those guys were betas. Now, thankfully it was caught on camera, so their beta behavior does a fantastic job of exposing the pure hatred that feminism teaches women. Women trained for such hatred have no shame in their behavior, so at best we get a clear cut example to teach other women their own capacity for evil.

..which got a few replies. But the biggest of which was this:

No, it is alpha to be in control and not let people manipulate you. A violent reaction was exactly what those women wanted because it would have played right into their plans and would have made the men look like bad guys. In the face of feminism you have to be calm and assertive and say ‘No’. There is no other way.

So, I don’t like selling people short. He was making an argument, fair enough. But to re-define what those women were doing as manipulation is ridiculous. When you’re 8 years old and your 10 year old sister hits you, what do you tell your parents? Do you say, “Mom! Cathy’s manipulating me!” I would imagine your mom might reply with something like, “Well, manipulate her back.” At which point, depending on how imaginative the kid is, there might be blood and stitches following a rotating ball of dust with arms and legs flying around.

But this got me thinking about something else. We’re all fucking babies.

Those men defending the church were not asking for protection from law enforcement. The women sure would have if the men started hitting back though. This is fundamentally no different from kids in the back of the car, crying to their parents about who is touching who. Replace parents with politico-elite. Replace kids with various activist groups. Replace the car with the carriage to hell. What you’ve got is the setting and plot for a fantastic modern-life-commentary play. You can see the congressmen sighing, turning around, saying, “Feminists, don’t hit your brothers.” And the feminists saying, “Yes daddy,” as they get their last sucker punch in. Meanwhile, those “parents” in the front seat are making rules for how to behave in the car that we never agreed to, establishing backdoors into all our finances, homes, and daily lives, continuing to drive to the land of serfdom, and telling us that everything will be alright.

Adults… I’ve yet to meet one.

I question Paul Elam and get banned from his website.

Let me begin by stating quite clearly, that I like Paul Elam’s writing. We agree on a great number of things. I’ve read his takedowns of feminist dogma and frankly they’re the best. I don’t think anyone anywhere matches his razor wit when it comes to attacking the absurdities of a lot of the politically excused female entitlement that plagues the developed world. I’ve read a lot of his writing at avoiceformen.com.

So it came as a little sting today that, as I was reading AVfM while working at work, I got banned. I’ve been banned from lots of places for speaking my mind, questioning the orthodoxy of the blog. Hell, I used to be a moderator myself, so I know all about it. I know the terrible temptation to act like a bouncer and treat the commenters as if they’re unruly club guests who need to be kicked out and never let back in. Still, there was a little sting, no doubt intended by the moderator.

But surprisingly, Paul Elam himself thanked the moderator for what he did. Now, in the moderator’s defense, I was off-topic. However, Paul started the conversation himself. If the founder of a website/movement/organization is allowed to go off-topic, frankly as far as I’m concerned, he opens the door to being questioned about his own opinion on that very topic, regardless of what any moderator wants to enforce. But they didn’t see it that way, they saw it as me trolling Paul, and so I had to be banned.

It started with an article about the plight of the modern dating male and difficulties approaching and determining female intent in an approach situation. The article itself was fine, though the topic might seem unnecessary. It was bashing creep-shaming, much like feminists bash slut-shaming. Now, the manosphere answer to slut-shaming is usually, “Don’t act like sluts, and we won’t shame you.” I find that to be good advice, if a woman doesn’t want to be treated like a slut, then she should have self-respect and not act like a slut. I find the reciprocal argument not without weight. If I don’t want to be labelled a creep, I shouldn’t act like a creep.

Paul commented on the article with:

Love this stuff. I am really happy to see AVFM starting to provide an alternative to the claptrap of Game and PUA.

Maybe it will help some of those guys stop hustling themselves.

I replied with:

Where’s the alternative Paul? This article, while well-articulating the plight of the initiator, doesn’t offer any solutions to males for controlling their sex lives.

I gotta say, I see no alternative to game in this article, not even a hint that one exists.


From there about 4 people piled on, including Paul himself. I had disturbed the mound, you see. I was polite, and attempted to engage all four without trolling them. Unfortunately for truth and discussions sake, one of the people replying to me was a moderator. Well, if anyone reading this has ever moderated and commented on the same board, without themself having ownership of the reputation of the website, you can guess what happened next. None of my further replies survived. I was posting from work, on a browser I specifically configured to leave no traces of browsing, so no record of those posts exists save potentially at AVfM’s dustbin. It’s a shame really, because I was really interested in what Paul had to say on the subject of Game.

You see, it’s pretty obvious that Paul doesn’t like Game, and many of the people he hires are of like mind. They seem to believe that game and PUA wisdom in general is a useless debasement of masculinity that will only lead to people attempting to simply sleep around and, I guess, rack up large N counts just like females these days. I disagree with Paul strongly on this point. Game is little more than the male equivalent to female make-up, facelifts, hair coloring, push-up-bras, corsets, hip-shapers, spandex yoga pants, etc… Males have attraction triggers, when we see an hourglass shape, we get attracted. It’s normal, it’s biological, there is no stopping it. It turns out, women have attraction triggers also, but like the social and more herd-like animals they are, their attraction triggers reside in social dominance. Women smell social power, and are frankly intoxicated by it. When you look like you have your shit together, socially, economically, etc.. women like that. Like the fake breasts, you don’t always have to have all the money or the figure of a succubus to trigger these things, you just have to (somewhat luckily) hit the right triggers in the right person. It’s not 100%, but female manipulation of male attraction triggers isn’t 100% either. Sometimes, no matter how in-shape a woman is, she just can’t get a certain segment of the population to be attracted to her. The same situation exists with guys and game, probably to a greater degree.

Paul seems to think that the social “Data” collected from PUA’s and posted on game blogs is only used for evil. This is like telling all women that make-up is an evil that will only lead to screwing as many men in the world as possible. It’s ridiculous.

I tried to engage Paul, and his website on this topic, after Paul himself brought the subject up, and I was banned for it. Hell, at one point, Paul was publicly thanking his moderator in a comment for deleting my posts in response to him.

It’s a shame really, I like debate. But I won’t debate those who silence me, even if they ask me.

This is not the world I would have chosen to be born into.

I have a problem. I like to question things. It works great at my job, where we are in fact encouraged to question what we’re shown. However, this world no longer respects a good question. This is a world where everyone is seeking answers before considering how they phrased their inquiry. In the past 10 months I’ve spent commenting in the Manosphere, I’ve questioned just about every major blogger on their own blog. In a perfect (just try to keep your stomach calm) world you would think this would be useful, a rewarded practice where the blog lead/owner would encourage discussion.

Actually it isn’t.

I questioned Judgybitch on a post she made about math. I’m not formally a mathematician, but having a degree or two in physics, I do know some. Thankfully JB didn’t react too harshly.

I questioned Roosh on Return of Kings, and was beaten down by one of his authors. I might have been wrong in my assessment on that one, but I think the question was reasonable.

I’ve questioned Dalrock a few times, Sunshinemary a few times. Unfortunately for me, no longer being religious, It’s difficult to not offend those two. I try real hard, but often my perspective just clouds the response too much. It’s difficult to ask a good question of someone who already has their mind made up.

I questioned the moderation of RedPillSchool’s moderators on reddit, and was banned for it. Holy shit I was polite on that one. I can’t explain that one, if I still have the JPG’s I took of the progression of the post and banninnation, I’ll post it someday. Reddit is a lost cause though and the topic was moderation, not society, so I’m not sure how interesting it would be.

Most recently I questioned Paul Elam’s comment on his own website, A Voice For Men. And yep, I got banned for it.

There’s nothing better than a good question, nothing. Don’t let anyone tell you different. All these manosphere bloggers, these MHRM people, hell any blogger or any talking head anywhere… their real power resides in the good questions they have. When they fail to craft new ones, they lose power over people. It doesn’t show up right away, but it still happens. This is why people refer to talking heads on the TV as “talking heads”, because news reporters went the way of the T-rex decades ago. Almost no one in the MSM questions anything anymore, and if they do, they’re near retirement.

Ask a good question, and see what happens.